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Policy of quality and environmental protection


“Unitrag” Ltd. provides goods transportation and freight forwarding services both domestically and internationally. “Unitrag” Ltd. is permanently committed to satisfying the demands and expectations of clients, and fulfilling legal and other requirements, by providing quality, timely service in a highly competitive market to become a market leader and the first choice of all stakeholders.
Quality control and environment protection policies are integral parts of business policy, and are delivered by:

  • The development of partnerships, long-term cooperation, joint effort and efficient communication with our customers: they are at the center of every activity carried out by each of our employees. We are building a new business and developing our business resources based on the principles of mutual satisfaction in our partnerships.
  • The identification of business risks and the application of proactive measures to reduce and minimize their impact on customer satisfaction and the sustainability of the enterprise.
  • The identification of the potential environmental impacts of business, and the monitoring and management of these impacts in order to reduce or prevent pollution, through preventive measures, continuous improvement and the implementation of legal and other requirements for conservation and environmental protection.
  • Efficient and effective management of business processes in order to avoid unnecessary use of natural resources, to reduce costs, and to prevent errors in the implementation of energy conservation and habitat protection efforts.

Quality control and environmental protection are the responsibility of each employee, regardless of the position they hold or the activity they perform. All employees are responsible for providing an active and creative contribution to meeting the policies and criteria of quality control and environmental protection.

Uzice, 08.09.2011.

Transportation Director, Dejan Ljubicic