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About Us

Unitrag Company Ltd. Užice (Unitrag) was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Užice, Western Serbia, with a branch office in Belgrade (established in 2012). The company’s primary activity is the transportation of goods internationally by road, with the goal of providing clients with access to new customers and markets. Unitrag first offered transport services to the Western European market, but has since expanded its operations to offer services to the Russian market. Unitrag was among the first firms in Serbia to transport goods to Russia through the TIR system, and has developed significant experience in this market (having served it since 2003). The Belgrade branch office has organised the export of fresh fruit to the Russian market since 2018. 

In 2000, Unitrag established its International Freight business unit. Through this unit, Unitrag offers customs brokerage (import, export, transit of goods), freight forwarding, transshipment and goods storage 

During 2006 and 2007 Unitrag was the authorized representative and importer for a German producer of semi-trailers, Humbaur GmbH.

Since its establishment, the company has been led and managed by Branko Bešević, Director General. It is a family business, with a modern vision and approach that is focused on the recruitment and development of quality and qualified staff, the use and maintenance of modern equipment, and the application of the latest technologies and standards in order to meet quality requirements for our clients. 

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Memberships, awards and acknowledgements…

Unitrag Ltd. Užice has been a member of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce since its founding. Since 2000, it has also been a member of the vocational  Association of International Road Hauliers “MT” .  

During its years of operation, Unitrag has been awarded a number of prestigious awards. It has received the Plaque from  the Regional chamber of Commerce for achieving successful business results in the  Užice (awarded in 2006); the Charter of Captain Miša Anastasijević by Media Invent Novi Sad – partner  (2008); a plaque and special diploma from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for us achievements in developing and improving the economy through the TIR system  (2010); and an award from the Sports Association of Uzice for its contribution to improving conditions for the development of athletic activities and physical culture in the city of Užice (2015). 

In addition to these awards, Branko Besevic, Owner of Unitrag, has been recognised with a number of personal awards. He has received a diploma from the Regional Chamber of Commerce for successful business results and the development of the chamber (2010); a special recognition “IRU AWARD FOR TOP ROAD TRANSPORT MANAGERS” from the International Road Transport Union, Geneva (2011); and has twice received the charter of the city of Uzice as the most successful businessman in the region (2011 and 2018). In 2017, Mr. Besevic was elected Chairman of the Business Parliament  within the Regional Chamber of Commerce (Zlatibor district), and will hold this role until 2021.